Notes from the First Session:

  • Question of the Day: A great way to end the day on a positive note. Give kids think-pair-share conversation starters to end the day.
  • Morning Messages: Intentionally placing core content in morning messages to cover content that is difficult to cover. Often this is more fun than the lesson. 
  • Twister Board can be used for writing ideas.
  • Use a small plastic bag in a laundry basket. Kids put the garbage by them during meal times and snack times. Then, students don't need to keep walking around.
  • Coffee can throw-up can. 
  • - Great Math Website! Check it out!
  • Read Around the World - MI, Maine, Greenland, Iceland, Each page = a mile. Travel the world. Each student has passports.
Apps! (Click he links below!)

Notes from the Second Session:

-Students use motions to learn Bible Memory. Have them practice their Bible memory without saying the words at all. Just use the motions.
-Have students do Bible memory to the beat, with hand-clapping between friends.
-Over the door shoe organizer to store science goggles.
-Kate Faber - Signup Genius: God to use with volunteers, or parent signups for materials, it collects information of those who sign up and sends them a mystery Can be used for a mystery reader
-AR Excitement Bulletin Board - For every point they earn they earn a bead for their bracelet.
-Weekly wrap up journal. They write to their parents (something they learned and something that was fun. They bring it home to share with parents and get a sticker for their effort.
-Clothespins - Emergency bathroom sign with two circles on the bottom. Students move their clothespin to the number 1 for their first trip and number 2 for the second trip. Student place hand santizier on their desk (one for boys and one for girls) so they you know where they are. If students don't use the clothespins during the week, they get a jolly rancher at the end of the week (or two). Also, a sign for AR letting me know that "I need to take an AR test" & "I took an AR test." 


    Write something about yourself. No need to be fancy, just an overview.


    October 2013